Shaker Kitchen Sales Continue

9th February 2017 by

In a world where handle-less and slab doors seem to be taking over the kitchen style stakes; it may be surprising to some that the Shaker door is still high on the hit list for kitchen buyers. In 2016, we saw a 16% increase in Shaker style doors sales compared to that of 2015. So […]

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50 Shades Darker

3rd February 2017 by

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is ready to roll out it’s next steamy serving of Fifty Shades Darker on February 10th, so to celebrate this suggestive occasion I decided to explore a steamy kitchen scene of my own using greys and blacks to highlight our seductive range of BA kitchen doors designs and styles. […]

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The benefits of soft closing drawers and cabinets

17th January 2017 by

BANG, SLAM, bang bang, SLAM, SLAM, bang, boom, bang, SLAM. We’ve all been there, slamming the living room door, the kitchen door, the back door, the front door or even a cupboard door can all drive people mad. I recognise that living is a noise-making occupation and where there’s life, there’s going be noise. Even […]

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My BA; The New Online Ordering Platform at BA Components

10th January 2017 by

The month of January always represents a fresh start. An opportunity to make New Year resolutions and try to stick by them. Back in 2015, BA Components started to work on their fresh start; a brand new, state of the art online ordering platform to update their tried and tested BA Live, and on Monday […]

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2017 Kitchen Trends

8th December 2016 by

Kitchens have undeniably become the heart of the home; a true living space enjoyed by all the family. This shift in lifestyle has generated a burning desire for the latest trends each year from consumers.

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Does a kitchen sell a home?

6th December 2016 by

Many people in the property industry have asked this question over the years and the answer is YES! A kitchen does sell a home. Ideally, if you can equip your property with a top of the range kitchen, a large majority of buyers will instantly consider it more desirable to buy. has conducted an […]

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