Tips for buying a kitchen

Bella Inset Matt Dove Grey KitchenTips for buying a kitchen straight from the horses mouth. 

You have just made the decision to invest in a new kitchen. Maybe you have bought a new house and want to rip out what is there, maybe you are building your dream home and want to ensure you have the best kitchen in your street.

Before you go all guns blazing into a buying kitchen, you need to do some research into what you really want. Here are some things to think about:

Ensure doors and cabinets are high quality

It can be tempting to take the cheap option but this will show through over years of wear and tear. The kitchen is a pretty active place in the home, with lots of water and general abuse. Water can be absorbed into cupboards causing materials to warp and ultimately ruin the whole look of your kitchen. When you are looking for this part of the kitchen, look out for quality standards. BA Components have the FIRA Gold product certification.

The FIRA Gold Certification scheme is a quality certification mark for a product or its installation within the furniture and kitchen industries and signifies that it has been assessed against specified performance levels through independent tests or evaluation.”

Don’t go for what is most popular

Unless off course its what you want. In todays world, anything goes; high gloss, matt and paintable finishes are all options. Think logically; what will you be using your kitchen for? Who else will be using your kitchen? Go for a design that will tie in with the rest of your home.

Make the most of your space

The average home has shrunk by 40% in 80 years so it is no surprise we are finding it hard to store all our belongings. Even though houses have shrunk, our shopping habits have increased as we now have more disposable income than 80 years ago. When buying a new kitchen make sure to work out the optimum combination for the base units and you will gain more storage space.

Don’t forget about the triangular layout. This is following the rule that your fridge, sink and workspace are all within relatively close proximity to make life that bit easier when in the kitchen.

Ensure you have enough electrical sockets

Something that can be a small oversight with big implications; electrical sockets. Make sure to speak to your electrician about sockets before the work on your new kitchen commences. With kids charging their mobile phones during dinner time or the tablet, the kitchen has become a hub for electrical activity so make sure you have enough power supply to meet this demand.

Written by: Minus40 Support