View from Down Under

A view from Down Under is something to shout about!

It’s proving to be an interesting trip in the antipodes, particularly where kitchens are concerned and BA kitchens at that.

The growth in ‘shed style’ retailers from Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10 and Stratco continues apace, with many Aussies and Kiwis now embracing the standard flat pack retail offerings and building their own kitchens.

They have embraced a concept that only five years ago was alien to them. Now the remodelling of kitchens every three to five years is becoming the ‘norm’.

Good, modern design and accent colours are replacing the old carpenter fitted heavy wood grain solid door designs once as prevalent here as they still are in USA.

Whites and cream colours dominate, but already the European ’50 shades of grey’ are becoming the most talked about and fitted kitchens discussed over orange juice and fosters around the barbie.

European quality and design are now the must have kitchen accessories both indoors and outdoors from Darwin to Adelaide, Sydney to Melbourne and Auckland to Invercargill.

Great to see BA kitchens both Bella and Zurfiz take these markets by storm.

We truly can say down here: ‘Leading the way with BA’

Long may it continue!

Written by: Michael McCrea