The benefits of soft closing drawers and cabinets

BANG, SLAM, bang bang, SLAM, SLAM, bang, boom, bang, SLAM. We’ve all been there, slamming the living room door, the kitchen door, the back door, the front door or even a cupboard door can all drive people mad.

I recognise that living is a noise-making occupation and where there’s life, there’s going be noise. Even people use a variety of non-verbal signals to vent their anger or frustration – door slamming is one of them. You might think of removing the cupboard doors to avoid this noise temporarily but this only allows easier and quicker access to the cupboard contents when dishes or items can become dangerous projectiles.

If you’re a new homeowner picking a kitchen can be one of the biggest decisions, you will make for your new home. We spend time picking the right door, the best dishwasher and the snazzy worktop. But do we consider the mechanism on the door or drawer?

It doesn’t have to be this way especially in the kitchen. Five words – soft closing drawers and cabinets. Here at BA Components we recommend that all our experienced dealers specify high quality soft closing door hinges and drawer mechanisms by Hettich. Their primary function ensures that BA kitchen doors open and close as intended, ideally with a smooth easy action.

Hettich soft closing door hinges and drawer mechanisms are strong enough to endure repeated and regular use, or even the occasional slamming! Essentially, they will withstand the test of time, functioning as well in years to come as the day your new kitchen was installed. This is the very reason why we choose Hettich as our main supplier as it allows our BA kitchen doors to open and close smoothly and quietly, without even noticing their presence.

At BA Components, we feel our dealers and ultimately the end user deserves the best when it comes to soft closing door hinges and drawer mechanisms that are small, sleek and unobtrusive. Different styles, strengths and qualities of kitchen hinges and drawer mechanisms exist and may be over whelming, so that’s why our expert dealers will help you understand and guide you through the available options.

If you’re thinking of a new BA Components kitchen or even a makeover in 2017, we suggest you consider these amazing hinges with us.

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Written by: Gareth Boyle