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There’s so much more to a kitchen than cupboards and kitchen doors. More than a living room, it’s the heart of your home. A place to cook, eat and be happy.

BA kitchen door manufacturers offer Kitchen doors UK wide, designed by Zurfiz, Bella, Pronto and Valore. They have a brimful of colour and textures, so you won’t be stuck for choice. Choice, inspirations, colour, and a variety of kitchen door designs.

BA Components are the UK’s leading kitchen door manufacturers. Delivering kitchen doors UK wide. BA Kitchen door manufacturers design kitchen doors that complement and create space; using colour and textures to allow you to have the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Contemporary life or timeless classics, we’ve got it covered.

Our kitchen doors are sold through a network of trusted dealers. If you need to locate kitchen door suppliers find your local showroom. It’s a proven recipe for success for a beautiful kitchen.

Over 1000 colour and style combinations available – create your custom door now.
Find out more about our Zurfiz, Bella, Pronto and Valore Ranges.

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