Vox Stultum by BA

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the KBB industry, and as one of Europe’s premier kitchen companies, we pride ourselves on always being ahead of curve. Today BA takes that next step, one that brings them into the technological future of the present.

Vox Stultum by BA Header

With today’s launch, our new voice-activated and controlled kitchen can only be described as the industry’s first groundbreaking revolution. ‘Vox Stultum by BA’ allows you to literally go hands-free when you need to open your kitchen cabinet doors. Amazingly your kitchen cabinets will be controlled by your voice when you go to get your next cup of tea. (certain Irish or UK dialects may provide differing results).

With fully customisable options, you can name each cabinet and drawers individually, enabling you to say such examples as–

“Alexa, open the cup drawer” or our favourite “Alexa open the snack cupboard”.

“At BA, we look across all industries for inspiration on how to evolve our KBB business,” Shane Lennon, BA’s Head of Innovation comments from his new office, “And what better way to excite and enthuse our customers than with the thrilling advancements in voice control. Why should we stop at only controlling our microwaves and fridges with our voice? BA believe everything in the kitchen should be voice controlled. We are the first one to take that step. The possibilities are limitless!”

To watch ‘Vox Stultum by BA’ in action with your own eyes, check our launch video below.

UPDATE – Due to some technical hiccups BA will be postponing the launch of Vox Stultum and declaring the new product an April Fool’s joke. Our Head of Innovation is said to be devastated.

Written by: Nual Brady