Twenty-Five and Going Strong

Back in 1990 a young Cookstown man began to live his dream. Brian McCracken always wanted to have his own business and build something from scratch but as with any young budding entrepreneur the drive might be there, the opportunity might exist, the drive might be in full motion, but without the cash it’s impossible to get started.

Banks weren’t interested, the Prince’s Trust couldn’t help and LEDU as it was known then were unable to get involved, but undeterred Brian sold his most precious possession, a much prized motorcycle, a motorcycle he had lovingly customised and exhibited at specialist shows, a motorcycle he was never going to be able to replace but he sold it for £3000 and started the business.

Family have always been important in Brian’s working life and BA has always been a true family business with his then wife Annette involved at the start, then his brother Kieran 6 months into the process right up to the current time when two of his sisters, two of his brothers and his wife Katrina are all involved in one way or another. Where Brian has been the driving force and commercial leader to the business, with an eye for opportunity and potential, he has been ably assisted on the creative and production side by Kieran. Together they make a great team bringing real individual strengths to the business daily and there’s no doubt without either one of them BA would be different today to what it has become.

As we go into 2015 with Brian and Kieran at the helm, we plan to have many interesting developments as we plan to have a year of celebration with various launches and events along the way culminating in a celebratory dinner and BA Awards night in Cookstown in December 2015.

We have developed a new logo specifically for this celebratory year and you’ll see that on all literature and marketing materials throughout 2015.

We plan on launching our awards scheme for customers called BA Honours, building a portfolio of customer installation photography celebrating the BA products and your hard work, launching new products, winning more awards and just generally having a grand 25th party all year.

We know all our employees will be fully on board, and we want all dealers and suppliers to get behind our celebration of 25 years through 2015.

Let’s get the party started Twenty-five and going strong.

Written by: Clara Maybin