Something More To Cheer About!

With 10 days to go, anticipation is building for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. But you don’t need to travel to Japan to enjoy the hype. BA is giving you something more to cheer about this Autumn.

During the Rugby World Cup, we’re offering up to 10% Cash Back with all CompletePlus and InRail orders. In addition, those orders are added to a weekly draw for a Home Nations Rugby World Cup jersey of your choice.

Rugby World Cup Promotion

10% CASH BACK – Complete Plus

If you have never ordered a Complete Plus kitchen before you can enjoy 10% Cash Back with every CompletePlus order you place.

10% CASH BACK – InRail

If you have never ordered an InRail kitchen before you can enjoy 10% Cash Back on your first InRail order.

5% CASH BACK – Complete Plus

We are also offering 5% Cash Back on all CompletePlus orders placed.

Rugby World Cup Competition

Enjoy the benefits of rigid, ready to assemble kitchens with the bonus of a new Cash Back offer and the chance to win a Home Nations jersey of your choice. Now that is definitely Something More To Cheer About!

More details on this promotion can be here. Full Terms and Conditions are available on MyBA.

*Cash Back rebate will be payable by credit note early November 2019 and will be based on CompletePlus / InRail orders purchased from the 9th September to 31st October 2019. (Excludes freight).

** Competition applies to online orders only.

Written by: Aaron O'Neill