How Sliding Doors Can Help You Maximise Space

Storage is the bane of many a home. It can be hard to keep everything stored neatly away when space seems to be decreasing and the number of things we own is doing the opposite; especially in London where space seems to be a novelty.This is why we may have a sliding door solution to your storage problems.

Sometimes, however, it’s not about the space itself but rather how you maximise on that area. Some people resort to multi-functional furniture or having a good clear-out, while others get clever with their furniture and features…

That’s where sliding doors come in. By removing the cumbersome traditional doors that open out into the room, sliding bedroom doors offer elegance in even the smallest of spaces, opening on a frame. And even in one of the most expensive cities to live in, where you don’t get much space for your money, you can still find something cost-effective that can work for you and your home.

Bespoke Build

Tailor-made sliding door systems are designed to fit your space and lifestyle. Made-to-measure sliding doors that are unique to you and your home are the perfect way to make the space work for you; whatever size you need, sliding doors can work in a range of two, three or four doors.

sliding doors

Selection of Styles

The custom-made Glidor range is superior in design and functionality, meaning that they are like an elegantly engineered work of art. Available in a range of styles – Urban, Ultra and Unique – and a wide variety of colour options, you’re sure to find one to suit your bedroom style.

Fantastic Functionality

Offering you flexibility at home with superior performance, sliding doors can revolutionise the way you use the room. With endless internal storage options kept neatly out of sight behind the good-looking doors, you can keep your belongings tidy in one easy-to-reach place.

Sliding doors don’t need to be confined to the bedroom, either. Think about how you can utilise the design in other rooms of your home. Got a studio apartment? Sliding doors can act as a great room divider, so you can close off sections of your room when you want more privacy and open up the area when you need more space.

Want More Information?

Check out the full Glidor range or download a brochure for more even more on this new and exciting range of sliding doors. Alternatively, if you are seeking sliding door wardrobes in London, contact C&S Interiors today and get started on streamlining your storage at home.

Written by: Clara Maybin