New Year Facelift Ideas for your Home

It’s the New Year, and what better way to mark a fresh start than by freshening up your home and giving it a bit of a facelift.

Here’s a short compilation of different ways to spruce up your home to make it feel as new as the New Year.

Consider a bold feature wall. Choose colours that best suit the mood of the room – orange and yellow create an energetic atmosphere, cooler blues are more soothing. Contrast the feature wall with crisp white to really make the room ‘pop’.

Engage your eyes. Staring at a screen all day at work can be tiring, so when you get home, make sure to give yourself somewhere different to look so you can change your focus from time to time. If you don’t have a view – or the view you’d like – artwork can give you a chance to rest your eyes and enjoy your surroundings a bit more.

Create space. Clear out or tidy away some of the clutter that’s been left lying around from Christmas. An open area in your kitchen, lounge or office can allow for creativity to blossom and movement to happen. The free space can also give the impression of a larger room. #theressomuchspaceforactivities.

Change the décor. Instead of splashing out and completely restyling the interiors of a room, change up the ornaments to give the place a different feel and character. It’ll look like new without massive cost and time investment.

Make your windows gleam. Shining windows always defines a newly redecorated home. Make a quick window cleaner with two tablespoons of fresh lemon, one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar and top up with hot (not boiling) water in an empty spray bottle. Close the bottle and shake well. Spray the window cleaner onto the glass and wipe dry with a crumbled newspaper to avoid streaking the surface.

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Written by: Minus40 Support