Does a kitchen sell a home?

Many people in the property industry have asked this question over the years and the answer is YES! A kitchen does sell a home.

Ideally, if you can equip your property with a top of the range kitchen, a large majority of buyers will instantly consider it more desirable to buy. has conducted an exclusive survey during Oct 2016 of 2000+ people with Populus, one of the UK’s leading market research firms, to examine which features buyers would want to find in their dream home and which they can live without.

Exactly two-thirds (66%) of respondents were in favour of a ‘chef’s kitchen’. Historically, the (very old-fashioned) view that the kitchen is traditionally a female domain may have prevailed but in recent years more and more modern men seem equally at home doing the cooking – so were there any gender differences in terms of how desirable a top spec kitchen would be? Hardly at all. Of the men asked, 65% said a chef’s kitchen made a property more desirable, compared with 66% of women.

Keep it simple – the best way to add value to your home is:

  • Small kitchen: be innovative with your use of space by installing clever kitchen storage solutions. Keep colour schemes neutral, be smart with lighting, and always keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Large kitchen – show its potential by adding an island unit. And never forget the all-important ‘kitchen triangle’ – which means ensuring the fridge, cooker and sink are within easy reach of each other.
a kitchen does sell a home

If you are thinking of selling your home our advice is to plan 6 months in advance if improvements are needed to add value to your home. Look at each room and prioritise what needs done. Work out a budget and spend wisely.

The kitchen is such a focal point in any home so if the units need work, consider replacement kitchen doors rather than pay out for a complete new kitchen to sell your home. When viewing a home, the size, style and feel of a kitchen can often be the deciding factor. And for people thinking of selling their home, this is an important point to consider.

The kitchen has always been the very heart and soul of the house, but even more so now with the popularity of TV food shows and the home cooking movement. People want light, stylish and practical fitted kitchens that make clever use of the space and are faultlessly workable. Find your dream kitchen with BA Components here.

Written by: Gareth Boyle