Kitchen Colour Scheme Tips

Nautical Kitchen Colour Scheme

Nautical Kitchen Colour Scheme – Bella Verona Paintable Kitchen

Choosing colours for your kitchens can be a daunting task. There are so many options and different combinations to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. The colour scheme of a room helps to create a sense of style, space and personality and so it’s worth taking the time to find the colours you really want for your kitchen.

Here are some ideas and snippets of advice to help you make up your mind on the colour scheme for your kitchen.


Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to go for bold and vibrant colours. It’s likely that there isn’t much clear wall space for you to paint in your kitchen so why not make the most of it by choosing a bright colour that will really accentuate the cabinets and counter around it. Multi-coloured tiles in your splash back area or around the counter are another great way to add a bit more life to any kitchen’s colour scheme.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

It’s important that you keep your lighting in mind when choosing the colours of your kitchen. You should view each colour in all the different types of lighting they will be exposed to. For example a certain colour may look great in the natural sunlight that will come from your windows and doors but it may not have the effect you want it to in the evenings when artificial lights are shining on it.

Nautical Colours

Nautical colours, mainly blue and white, are great colour combinations popular in bathrooms but they are often underused in kitchens. There are so many different nautical colour shades that you can play with. You could choose to go darker with navy blue cabinets and white counter tops or the other way around. If you have light or white coloured cabinets then blue floor tiles and walls will really compliment the lighter colours.

Back To Black

A lot of us would shy away from using black as a main colour in our kitchens but there are instances when it can really work. If you are going for a slick, modern look for your kitchen then black can work wonders. If you have metallic appliances and backsplashes, black paint can create a great contrast and make them stand out even more strongly.

Consider Your Appliances

Appliances are an afterthought in many kitchens but this shouldn’t be the case. Your appliances have a big role to play in the colour scheme of your kitchen and when you partner the colour of your appliances with the other decoration pieces in the room such as pictures and clocks then it can make all the difference. Try contrasting the colour of your appliances with the main cabinet and counter colours to make them stand out and attract attention. You can also compliment these colours by matching them with the kitchen table for example, or perhaps with a backsplash area.


When you are choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen keep these tips in mind but also keep in mind that it should reflect your personality and how you want the room to feel. Don’t be afraid to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.


Written by: Clara Maybin