KBBdigicon 2018

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After a successful KBBdigcon, BA takes a look at some of the key highlights including; GDPR, Voice Search, Social Media and… Ducks?

When you attend a digital marketing conference tailored for the KBB industry, you know there will always be plenty of nuggets to take away. The hope is you can take what you’ve learned to help shape and structure your future marketing plans. Ideas to reignite the fire. And KBBdigicon 2018 did not disappoint.

However, we at BA Components are struggling to think of how we’d implement a particular piece of knowledge we learned last week. During a talk on the psychology of the online shopper by Daryll Scott from LAB, a little nugget was imparted on Anatidaephobia.


KBBdigicon - Anatidaephobia

Unexpected to say the least.

This, we learned, is a condition that can make a person fear that somewhere, anywhere in the world, a duck is watching them. Not attacking, not touching, just simply watching them. And it can quite a debilitating anxiety condition. So, while we try to not think too hard about this phobia we thought it was best to highlight some of our key takeaways from the digital event.

Uber Experience

The only constant in Marketing is change and 2018 hasn’t been the year to stand still. This was reflected through all of the speakers’ talks. KBBdigicon, if anything, was a reminder that we need to stay constantly on our toes; from changing consumer expectations to the migration towards messaging platforms and of course GDPR.

Starting the day off, Tom Dunmore from Mediablaze revealed the importance of digital storytelling through content and how it reflects on brands. Tom explained that the experience presented to consumers through content needs to make people think about using our products. This is why at BA we love to showcase Real-Life Installations, for design and inspiration. To highlight what can be achieved with a BA Kitchen.

But as always, there is always room to do more, to stay ahead of the curve. Tom also disclosed how the customer experiences in other industries are raising expectations for all businesses, no matter what product or service you are delivering.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

With Social media ever-present in our lives, James Mortimer from iCrossing touched on how trust is changing how people use Facebook et al. The Cambridge Analytica scandal and GDPR emphasised what data is being held on us, while ‘fake news’ and social influencer controversies have us questioning the sources of information as well as the motivation behind them.

Consumers have therefore shifted towards messaging apps; a more closed network of communicating with friends and family. As marketers, we can no longer rely on the methods that worked 12 months ago. We must embrace the change and envision new ways to connect, offering services at a time and place that is convenient for our dealers.


KBBdigicon 2018 - Voice Search

Voice of the Future

Of course, the emerging trend affecting how we explore online is Voice Search. We’re sure many of you may already have a Google Home or Amazon Echo in your homes. If not, you’re like us and love the idea of a personal assistant who makes calls, plays music, checks your calendar, creates shopping lists… We could go on. Mark Wheat from Zazzle Media explained the technological advantages smart speakers bring to your searches, as it allows for more accurate, quicker results with a lot less typing!

As 20% of all internet searches are already vocal, BA is especially interested in how we can help provide you with your most pressing kitchen questions. If we were to let you in on a little secret, we may have already started to look into how we can optimise our content to become your first stop source for answers. We hope you look forward to the many exciting developments that BA will be digitally rolling out in the near future.

And perhaps you’ll start to see a duck or two pop up in our marketing… Or on second thought, maybe not… 🦆

Written by: Nual Brady