When ‘Interzuming’, you’re never alone in Cologne

Interzum, Cologne provides the furniture industry momentum for their innovations: The decision-makers, opinion leaders and multipliers in furniture production and interior design are excited about your new products, solutions and concepts.’

For many people three days in Cologne sounds like a fantastic City break, and I’ve no doubt it would be if you had time to enjoy the sights, the sounds and a fantastic river cruise or similar.

We however were working, and I mean working hard.

Ten Halls packed with interest, innovation and intrigue made three days fly past as we met old friends and made some new, discovered new ideas, relished the inspiration before finally coming home exhausted but motivated to get our plans for 2016 in gear.

There is a real feeling of confidence within the European market, and I include us in that, with obvious signs of designers and producers kicking off the restraints of recession and depression to create new, innovative and exciting ideas for our market.

Over the next few months we’ll be getting our inspiration and ideas down on paper, materials sourced, production planned ready to launch the 2016 collection in style.

Watch this space.

Written by: David Caulfield