How to handle the handleless

Get a grip on how to handle the handleless doors storming the industry.

Here at BA we understand the ever-changing demands of the customer. Over the past 25 years we have come through many trends and styles and we always want to keep on top of these. Our customer provides us with many insights and with the power of the Internet you are never too far behind on finding out the latest ‘in thing’.

One thing that we are noticing is the shift in the perception of the handle. From the handle on that bedroom door to that kitchen cabinet, we have moved from traditional knobs, to straight-line bars to nothing. Nothing? Yes, no handles.

Consumers are opting for the most minimalistic look ever that involves opening the door with a J Pull system. Offering a modern and contemporary feel to any kitchen or bedroom the J Pull system is very easy on the eye. It gives a room the seamless factor, so your eyes don’t detract on other things.

Another reason to opt for this style of ‘handle’ is for safety reasons. If you have kids a handleless option is much safer for them as they won’t get caught on the protruding elements.

Written by: Minus40 Support