From the boardroom to the bedroom

BA Components Bedroom

Agree, disagree and then agree to disagree; this is the formula used every time we produce a new brochure.

Four wise men who really are ‘not wise’ sit down in a darkened room time and again, discussing, arguing, trialling, checking, cogitating, ruminating before finally agreeing on style, content and cover and ultimately culminating in the production of what we believe to be a great brochure.

Our latest Bedroom Collection offering is hot of the press today and due for launch on Friday 18th July with complimentary copies going out to every BA Dealer to share with discerning customers.

Probably the best brochure ever is how we like to think of it, with seven new colours across Bella and Zurfiz shown for the first time in bedrooms, one new style that looks stunning and all complimented by a wide range of matching accessories to make the bedroom truly your own.

Check it out today, at a dealer near you or by clicking on the ‘Download a brochure’ button from Monday 21st July.

Written by: Minus40 Support