Four colour trends to light up your bedroom this spring

Four colour trends to light up your bedroom this spring.

As the New Year gets underway, designers and creative types everywhere are looking forward to the new trends that are set to come our way this spring. We all want to know the latest styles and designs to look out for and the Internet can prove the best place to find such information. With interior designers, online magazines editors and bloggers, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration. If you’re looking to give your home something of a new look this season, consider these four gorgeous colour trends.

Pretty pastels

As January comes to an end we are starting to see pastels come into play. This gorgeous springtime trend is one that has been in and out of our spring wardrobes for many years now, but now it’s making its way into our bedrooms too. To give your room something of a calming effect, consider investing in this vintage pastel pink lampshade. Akin to blue and green, pink also has a calming effect, so there’s no better way of setting the mood than with a little gentle lighting.

Bright sparks

Just as the neon fashion trend was quite a hit in our wardrobes some years ago, bright and exciting colours are coming back in a big way for our bedrooms. You can be as experimental with this as you like – though it may work better for teenagers’ bedrooms, as bright purples, pinks and yellows can be in poor taste for some people! If you’re looking for something fun that pays homage to this funky trend, consider investing in these ‘memory balloons’ – they are in actual fact lights, which have been designed to look like balloons, but they come in a range of funky colours.

Dreamy deep hues

While it may seem like the obvious choice to go for bright colours in the springtime, some of us want our bedrooms to be a sleepy environment rather than a social one. A place to relax and a place of tranquillity. Thankfully, there are a range of deep indigoes and blues that are set to be very on trend this season. If you don’t want to bring down the tone of your entire bedroom, you can try something a little more subtle, such as a deep purple headboard, which you can offset with more neutral tones to keep the room balanced.

Nude neutrals

Of course, if deep dark colours or neon brights just aren’t subtle enough for you, you’ll be pleased to hear that ‘neutrals’ are also bang on trend this season. Beige can have a bad reputation but, when used sparingly, can bring a certain touch of class to any bedroom. Alternatively, try a subtle rose pink – you can be karma neutral by investing in these gorgeous rose shade paints from Earth Born Paints, which are certified environmentally friendly.

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Written by: Minus40 Support