Fit the Bill (& the Kitchen)

When you fit kitchens for a living it can be easy to forget that you are delivering the kitchen of someone’s dreams.

They’ve pored over a list of everything they want like a child picking their Santa presents. Unfortunately, as an adult, you realise compromises will probably be made somewhere along the line. It could be due to a lack of available space or budget, but for your customer, their dream kitchen is just out of reach.

Man and woman working on a new kitchen installation

Man and woman working on a new kitchen installation

Confidence in their choice

This is where you step in. As the person installing the kitchen, you really don’t want them feeling like they’ve made a compromise in choosing you. Taking a moment in their shoes, you should consider that the cost of installation could very well meet the price they paid for the kitchen itself. Suggesting cosmetic changes like replacement kitchen doors might not guarantee a big job but will showcase your willingness to help and does wonders in building goodwill with the customer.

With this in mind, it is more essential than ever for you to be the best person to install their kitchen and make sure they feel like no-one else could have done a better job. There are a few ways to help customers feel confident in their choice, so they can look forward to seeing the final product, rather than feeling nervous.

Luckily, your past work speaks for itself. Generating good word of mouth about your skills as a kitchen fitter is a good way to spark people’s interest. The first thing everyone does is speak to friends & family when seeking recommendations- it’s a great way to filter out the masses of tradespeople that can be found online.

More than a Quote

Customers will probably speak with 2 or 3 other kitchen fitters. This is the time to offer something beyond that all essential quote. You should use your experience and knowledge to provide useful suggestions and base it on your portfolio of previous work. As you know there is so much choice with kitchen furniture; cabinets, colours, styles. However, remember what may have worked in someone else’s kitchen, doesn’t mean it will work in another’s. Customers aren’t always sure what they want, so gauge their personal tastes with the space available and budget limit. Don’t talk a potential customer into a certain look, feature or detail they aren’t 100% convinced will benefit how they want their kitchen to work or look.

One thing you want to avoid- unless you are supplying the kitchen cabinets- is leaving the customer waiting on you for weeks after the kitchen has been delivered. Ensure that the customer is aware of your schedule and availability from the offset. If the customer thinks you’re perfect for the job, you’ll mostly find they are willing to work with the timescales you give them. They don’t want to regret their choice later just because of availability.

Provide peace of mind

To avoid any potential disputes with customers, make sure customers know what extra services you provide and that they are included in your quote if required. Make it known if removal of the old kitchen is included in your price and because it isn’t something you usually do that there will be an extra charge. Speak to the customer and see if they wish to avail of the service.

Additionally, let the customer know if you are organising a Gas Safe registered plumber or a qualified electrician to install new appliances. Don’t leave them waiting for you to return and finish the job when it’s the plumber they really need. As the kitchen fitter, it’s best for you to bring in the qualified tradesperson required, providing some peace of mind for the customer.

Ultimately you want to give the customer a kitchen that complements their space; using colour and textures to give them the kitchen they’ve always wanted. And as a BA Dealer, you can do just that. If you aren’t already, Become a Dealer today.

Written by: Nual Brady