EuroCucina Milan 2014

Today will be day 3 and my final day at EuroCucina in Milan.

Attendance at the show appears to be very high and it is noticeably busier than on my last visit in 2012. I think this reflects a growing optimism within the European furniture industry in general as we slowly emerge from recession. Large numbers of visitors too from those economies currently doing well; Russia, China, India and Australasia as a whole.

As with most recent exhibitions there is a predominance of grey in many shades and varieties. Textures also much to the fore, with stone, granite and even concrete now emerging as door and frontal finishes.

Wood grains while here, are not to the fore but where shown the most popular by far are Oaks in many varieties with again a grey ‘smoky’ oak seen throughout the show.

BA meetings have gone well, contacts have been made, ideas gleaned and trends observed so all in all a worthwhile visit.

Written by: David Caulfield