Decluttering the Kitchen

Decluttering the kitchen can be a huge task. Over the years we gather bits and bobs that soon turn into that cupboard from hell. You know what cupboard I am talking about. Everyone has one. But how hard is it to actually declutter and stay organized on a regular basis? Grab your marigolds gloves and black bin liners and check out my top tips to keeping your kitchen clutter free.

Always keep your worktop clear

We all fall victim of coming home in the evening and checking the post and then dumping it on the worktop. Get out of this habit by investing in a folder for essential letters and dump the letters that are not needed.

We get enough promotional material through the post to last a lifetime so stick this in the blue bin when you get it.

Rethink your worktop layout

If your worktop is filled with cooking books and unused items, put them away! They are just dust catchers and in a kitchen, they are more than likely to gather germs. Maybe you don’t use your toaster everyday so it would be a good idea to store it away on a tray.

Utilise hanging equipment

If you are short on space, then consider using hanging equipment. It’s a great way to utilise unused space between your worktop and your cabinets. You could hang utensils, oven mitts, strainers etc. Hanging space makes items easy to grab too that means no more balancing acts in the kitchen.


As we become more environmentally friendly, recycling becomes part of every day life. Our empty tins and milk cartons can often gather in one area of the kitchen for delivery to the outside bins. If you are not lucky enough to have dedicated recycling bins built into your kitchen, invest in a plastic box. A big rectangle one can fit nicely under the sink and simply throw in your recyclables as and when you please. Don’t forget to empty it!


Written by: Minus40 Support