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Zurfiz ByBA - Ultra Modern Doors

Comprehensive Ultra Modern Doors

See Zurfiz, full of style. Of Clean lines and a certain symmetry. Who then wouldn't be inspired by the European design, the finish and the modern touch?

The Zurfiz range is a stunning and comprehensive made to measure collection of ultra modern doors in a choice of 27 colours.

Kitchen Range Bedroom Range

Zurfiz Ultragloss Baltic Blue Ultragloss Black

Flexibility & Choice

To add to the choice and flexibility of the range the doors are offered with 3 edge options - matching, brushed steel & glass.

Zurfiz Cream

Top End

All doors are manufactured using 18mm MDF or MFC with either a matching, cream or silver back. The surface finishes across the range are a mix of acrylic & PVC materials.

Zurfiz Supermatt Cashmere Mirror


To ensure durability, quality and high spec finish, the edging is applied using PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive) glue with a much higher heat and moisture resistance than normal hot melt glues.

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