Clause BS6222-2:2009 + A1:2017 Domestic Kitchen Equipment – Performance Requirements and Test Methods Criteria
6.1.2 Shelf retention test.
6.1.4 Deflection of shelves. 1.75 kg/dm²
6.1.5 Strength of shelf supports.
6.2.1 Sustained load test for tops and bottoms. 1.75 kg/dm²
*B.1 Carcase handling test. 350N
6.4.2 Drop test. 50mm
7.1.2 Vertical load on pivoted doors. 37.5 kg
7.1.3 Horizontal load on pivoted doors. 70N
7.1.5 Durability of pivoted doors. x60,000
10.1.3 Sustained load (overload) test. 250 kg/m²