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About Us

Established in 1990 and operating from Cookstown in Co. Tyrone and Doncaster in Yorkshire, BA Components has grown steadily to become a major manufacturer of kitchen and bedroom doors and accessories in the UK and Irish furniture components industry.

BA - The Story Begins
The story begins...


The Story Begins...

Brian McCracken sells his Suzuki GSX 750 for £3000 to raise collateral. BA gets off the ground with £40 per week grant from Ledu. Workspace’s Rainey Street, Magherafelt, identified as a base. Launched with Sperrin Range, BA Components is born.

“I wanted to set up my own business.
We set ourselves a target of 500 doors a week.
We hit that target very quickly.“



Kieran McCracken brings his design and production knowledge into the business.

From bespoke kitchen doors refaced with imported mouldings we soon realised that there was more value in manufacturing the units ourselves and supplying the trade. Initial target - 500 doors a week.

Within 24 months of starting we had to move to larger premises in Cookstown.



  • Moved to Station Yard, Union Street, Cookstown.
  • Expansion necessitated bigger premises.
  • BA now also selling to ‘trade’.
  • First UK trade show at Alexandra Palace is a huge success.

Within 24 months of starting we had to move to larger premises in Cookstown.


"Limited" by name only.

We were experiencing 30 per cent year on year growth throughout the nineties.




Our focus was technology and efficiency, anything that would allow us to stay ahead of our competition.

  • First major investment for the company CNC Machine (BIESS321) was purchased.
  • Expansion to bigger premises Greenvale Industrial Estate, Drum Road Cookstown.
  • Riviera pierced laminate range introduced which is a huge success.


Burning the Midnight Oil

Up until now pricing was done on paper, by hand, usually at night.

Cutting lists used to be made up every night for the next days work which was sort of a manual form of an excel formula in a way, when I saw what software could do I thought “we need to get this incorporated into the business”.

  • Computerised invoicing system now introduced.
  • BA team count now 10.
Burning the Midnight Oil
£1 Million Turnover!


£1 Million Turnover!

If the county had kitchens, they need BA Components, it's as simple as that!

  • £1 Million Turnover landmark reached.
  • Launched vinyl door range (9 colour options and 7 door styles).


Award Finalist

  • Growth in Business Programme Finalist.

Awards are a good marker for a company & very important to show you have excelled above the norm & that’s the reason that can be the difference in winning business..

Award Finalist
We Want Doors!


We Want Doors!

We needed more production capacity to meet the increase in customer demand. Land is bought in Derryloran Industrial Estate and work on BA’s new factory premises begins.


A New Era

  • New state of the art, BA Components factory is opened.
  • BA team count now 35.

"It's always a challenge to get entrepreneurs to share their secrets of success - mostly because they don't see them as secrets as much as they are part of their entrepreneurial DNA" - Business First Magazine

A New Era
Open Online


Open Online

  • BA Components goes digital. www.byba.com is launched.
  • The website became our global shop window.
  • BA Components wins Spirit of Enterprise Award.

"We were praised for entrepreneurialism. Really we were just working hard and trusting our instincts." - Brian and Kieran McCracken



  • BA Components now turning over £5 million.
  • First extension built at Derryloran factory. Now 70,000sq ft.
  • New robotic glue press trim lines commissioned.
  • First kitchen and bedroom brochures launched.
  • Commissioned 5 new CNC twin table nesting routers.

We were investing, growing and reinvesting.

BA Wins Two Major Awards


BA Wins Two Major Awards

  • Belfast Telegraph Outstanding Environment Achievement
  • NI Business Awards Best Use of Business

The awards are simply reassurance that we’re working well.

Digital technology had started to make a real difference to how everybody did business. We embraced it.


Letting Go...

The most difficult thing for us both has been letting go. In the early days we controlled everything ourselves, hired every employee personally and knew where every penny was spent. As you grow you have to let some of that go - and that’s a real challenge.

BA team count now 65.

Letting Go...
The Recession


The Recession

The economy had peaked & the recession was starting to show, we sat tight & continued with added caution.

Second extension added to the Derryloran factory with a new packing area built on what was the old car park

We were aware of the recession... but we just decided not to take part!


BLP, Doncaster

With turnover now at £10 million, BA acquires BLP in Doncaster

When we bought BLP it was in a bad way but we were confident that we had built a team that could turn failure into success and made the move.

BLP, Doncaster
First International Export


First International Export

  • BA team count - now 210.
  • First international export (Cyprus in January 2010).
  • Zurfiz door range launched (20 colour options).

While our competitors began shedding sales teams, we stuck with our beliefs that if you want more business you have to knock more doors, and expanded our sales force.


International Growth

  • High gloss laminating line commissioned.
  • First European trade show, Sicam exhibition in Italy.

An expo in Italy became the catalyst for international growth.

International Growth
Maintaining Geographical Spread


Maintaining Geographical Spread

We've always been aware of the need to maintain a geographical and product spread. That has allowed us to take advantage of the opportunities when they have arisen while avoiding the mistake of putting all of our eggs (or rather doors) in one basket.

  • China office opened.
  • Launched Creativity Awards in Doncaster.
  • New automated packing line commissioned.


Pronto Range Launched

  • Pronto kitchen door range launched.
  • www.byba.co.uk redesigned and relaunched.

We haven't even touched the growing South American and South African markets yet. Oh... and there's still Russia to explore.

  • Turnover £25 million.
  • BA wins ‘Go Digital and Ulster Bank Established SME Award’
Pronto Range Launched
25 years of BA Components


25 years of BA Components

I think we have learned to maintain a balance between confidence and humility: the confidence to know what we can achieve as a company, and the humility to recognise when we needed to go looking for the people who could bring expertise to the business that we might not have had ourselves.

  • 25 Years of BA Components!
  • BA now established in 23 countries globally.
  • Glidor sliding door range launched (three range options and 61 colour options)
  • Turnover £30+ million
  • BA team count – Now 258
  • 3rd extension to Derryloran Factory planned. £2.5million fully automated, robotic store and router complex


£32million turnover

BA launched it’s 7th brand; Valore. An innovative door range based on great value and great design. The range consists of ten modern finishes in a simple slab design.

BA Components buy the rights to ClicBox and BA Clic Components is born along with the purchase of a brand new 52,000 sq ft factory in Rotherham.

£32 Million Turnover
H2 Equity Partnership


New Partnership

BA revamped and relaunched their online ordering to the state of the art platform that is MyBA. A mobile responsive site that allows orders to be placed and tracked anywhere in the production line.

  • BA are first in their industry to launch a Virtual Factory Tour of the Cookstown factory premises.
  • BA Components announced new investment from H2 Equity Partners to grow the business further.
  • Now exporting to 30 countries
  • BA scooped a staggering 7 business awards in 2017
  • Nick Corlett who has over 15 years experience in the KBB industry joins BA as Chief Operating Officer.
To be Continued