Christmas Cupboard Claustrophobia

We all experience the frustration at lack of space in the kitchen as all the Christmas cookware and ingredients start to fill the cupboards in December. We thought you’d appreciate a read at some of these clever space saving ideas and storage solutions for your kitchen during the festive period. Hopefully it’ll help you get through the chaos of Christmas as the cupboards begin to get claustrophobic.

As kitchen drawers begin to fill, why not empty the contents of a few and hook them up on a wall instead? It’s also perfect for fast access to utensils when the cooking marathon commences.

Finding wall storage space for every pot in your kitchen may prove difficult, but what about the lids? They can be stored above the stove if you install a towel bar. Alternatively you can store the lids inside the cupboard along with the pots with the use of a container that rolls in and out allowing ease of access and compact storage space. A third option would be to install the towel bar inside the cupboard if you have space to do so. This way the lids won’t slide and roll out and you can store them safely.

Make cutlery and utensil storage pockets using cutting boards and fabric napkins or hand towels. Pick a festive fabric design to add a rustic touch to your kitchen décor.

Use corner spaces in your kitchen efficiently and create extra pantry space with a Lazy Susan. They’re great for organizing cans, jars and every other thing you may need during the festive season. You should also make a habit of labelling everything stored in baskets or containers so when the stress mounts, you know exactly where the goods are hiding.

Get inventive with repurposed items. An old chicken feeder can be cleaned and used as storage for the kitchen. It’s great for keeping all the basic items in one place. Similarly, you should organise all the loose things you have on the countertop. Place salt and pepper shakers, olive bottles and everything else in a tray. If it has handles, it’s even better for moving to a specific station in the kitchen for whatever party prep you’re doing.

Written by: Minus40 Support