BA Creativity Award 2015

This year’s BA Creativity Award saw a fantastic display of contemporary artwork at the Doncaster Art College. There were more than 50 entries shortened to a final 15 this year. This included a great range of dynamic acrylic painting on canvas, as well as more delicate 3D design sculpture pieces. All of the entries were highly emotive and expressive, as was the aim of participation in the awards.

The theme for this year was ‘Have a Good Look’, and we certainly did! The exhibit was highly emotive and it was clear that the students had taken various approaches on the theme. The winners this year were as follows…

1st Prize: Carrie Kutchnir-Fisher, a Year 2 degree student for ‘Peace in Action’.

2nd Prize: Marie Lindley, a Year 2 degree student for ‘Balance’.

3rd Prize: Diana Austen, a Year 3 degree student for ‘Carousel of Life’.

A number of other students were given Highly Commended certificates.

BA components provide an annual bursary to the college to assist with the development of young designers and to help fuel their creativity. David Caulfield, Sales and Marketing Director at BA Components, Cookstown said “The purpose of the Creativity Award is to give back to the community, and allow their talents to be showcased. It’s a great way for young artists and designers to freely express their artistic abilities, and reinforces BA’s passion for discovering new design ideas.”

Without exhibits such as this, we would be at a loss for innovative new design ideas coming into the industry; so it’s a very worthwhile cause.

You can now sign up to be a part of the 2016 BA Creativity Award by approaching the College directly. Previously enrolled students at Doncaster College can ask to undertake the BA Creativity Award as a project which counts as part of their year’s assessment, whether they win or not.

Written by: Clara Maybin