A different kind of ‘taking off’ in the bedroom.

Too many retailers and designers in the KBB marketplace neglect the readily available opportunity right in their studios and workshops of potential bedroom sales.

It’s always been a bone of contention within the industry with many retailers believing it’s just not profitable enough to warrant their time or attention.

At BA Components the bedroom collection has always been a central plank in our road to success and increasingly as we see a recovery in the market in general the sales of Bedroom Furniture and components is taking off!

The potential in this market is massive and the customer visiting to replace, refurbish or renew the kitchen can in many cases be a willing partner in adding bedrooms to the equation. With a lower price point than kitchens they can be somewhat of an impulse purchase rather than a planned investment as more and more people want to buy into a cohesive design concept not just in the kitchen but throughout the house.

What many felt was the ‘poor relation’ can in fact become a mainstream revenue generator. More retailers have been taking on bedrooms as it’s one of the more profitable areas of the KBB market with design trends mirroring those in the kitchen and an existing customer base they can sell to getting good profit for very little risk.

If you’re going to market bedrooms, do it right, don’t put tiny displays down the back or upstairs poorly lit or poorly dressed, don’t make it look like an afterthought put it centre stage and invest in promoting it. This can be a great revenue stream when you get it right.

While slab doors in white and cream dominate in the kitchen there is much more scope for adventure in the bedroom, Fifty shades of grey, metallic, gloss, matt, silk, porcelain, satin, anything goes and you’re only limited by your imagination.

BA’s latest Bedroom collection brochure is now available so if you already sell bedrooms have a look and think about upgrading your bedroom displays, if you haven’t as yet offered bedrooms there’s no time like the present, get the displays in and watch your dreams come true.

Written by: Minus40 Support