5 Kitchen Interior Design Concepts For 2015

The kitchen is now officially the hub of the home. With today’s fast paced lifestyle most of us get back home after a long day looking for a place of solace and calm. This has increased the demand for better kitchen designs to incorporate the need for efficiency while making them feel relaxed. Keep reading for the 5 kitchen interior design concepts to look out for in 2015.

Bringing Family Together

For many of us it’s the kitchen rather than the living room which acts as the real family meeting area and so it’s important that the design of this room is shown as much thought and consideration as the rest of the house.

Here are just a few of the designs creating buzz amongst architects and interior designers across in the kitchen design industry this year:

  • Return of the kitchen island: Have you been thinking of furniture styled design in your kitchen? Furniture-styled design is set to make a big comeback as more families are seeking a more homely feel to their kitchens. From cabinets to sofas, creating an island at the centre of your kitchen will make kitchen furniture to not only serve as utility fittings but also as an aesthetic feature.
  • Ceiling embellishment: When was the last time you looked up when in the kitchen? Most likely you don’t because there is nothing to look at until now. Ceilings that make you look up are predicted to be big hit in kitchen décor with features ranging from exotic woods, LED lights, magnificent pendant and chandeliers.
  • Gold is chic: The return of brass fixtures from faucets to cabinet handles-metallic gold is back with a bang! It is now softer and blends with white even more magnificently but there is no denying that this is a kitchen design trend that is hard to replicate. Gold is always a winner whether in 1915 or 2015, just try it.
  • Mix it up with different colours: Continuing on from its popularity in 2014, colour missing is set to become an even bigger trend in 2015. You will be amazed at just how much difference it can make to your kitchen when you throw away the rule book and add a different colour to a couple of cabinets or drawers. This simple, yet bold statement can really make a big difference.
  • Tribal natural inspired colour tones: This is another bold idea for anyone wanting to move away from mundane monochrome and white colour schemes. Whether you are a fan of Persian, Moroccan or Native American palettes there are myriad tones to select from.

Other hot trends include more open kitchens, textured and tactile surfaces. Still looking for an idea to give some fresh breath to your kitchen? Hopefully some of the ideas above will inspire you to try something new.

Written by: Minus40 Support