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Timeless Kitchens 101

Bella Matt Stone Grey Timeless Kitchen Design

Bella Matt Stone Grey Timeless Kitchen Design

Everyone wants a kitchen that will last, so when you give the hub of your home a deserved makeover, you need to make sure it will stand the test of time. We’ve compiled a few of the best timeless kitchen design trends and styles so you know exactly what to look out for when choosing your timeless kitchen design features.

  1. Neutral colours

Matt finish kitchen doors combined with a neutral colour are the perfect way to maintain the longevity of your kitchen décor. Choosing a soft shade will allow your kitchen to surpass any niche kitchen fashion trends that will be out of date within a year or two.

  1. Shaker doors

The shaker kitchen door style will never die. Its understated design is what has caused it to be a continually popular kitchen door style choice over the passing years.

  1. Marble worktops

Marble is the definition of quality at a cost. A good quality marble kitchen worktop will be an expensive but very worthwhile kitchen investment. Buy right and buy once; because a good marble kitchen worktop will probably survive longer than you.

  1. Light and bright

Try to keep the overall look of your kitchen soft and well-lit. Whites and creams – whether from the kitchen décor or from sun beaming through large kitchen windows – is a sure fire way to avoid your kitchen design going out of fashion. Dark kitchen colours are usually incorporated into a contemporary kitchen design which can date faster than you’d want it to.

Let us know if you try any of these timeless kitchen design ideas, or if you have any suggestions of your own – we’d love to hear them! You can reach us on any of our social media channels or drop us a line at marketing@bacomponents.co.uk


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