Pronto Wilton in Oakgrain White and Grey

Glenlith Interiors

  • pronto-wilton-white-and-grey-glenlith-interiors
  • pronto-wilton-white-and-grey-glenlith-interiors2
  • pronto-wilton-white-and-grey-glenlith-interiors

The Pronto Wilton is a stunning 5 piece door shown here in Oakgrain White and Grey installed by Glenlith Interiors, Scotland. The contrast of the white and grey with the depth of the oakgrain creates a warm feel across this kitchen. Teamed with a mixture of shell handles and round knobs, the Pronto Wilton gives you the perfect countryside styled kitchen.

  • Specifications:
  • Room: Kitchen
  • Colour: Oakgrain White and Oakgrain Grey
  • Style: Pronto Wilton

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