Wrapped MDF mouldings are finding more and more applications in the furniture manufacture and interiors industry. BA Components are Europe’s leading Vinyl wrapped door suppliers.

Furniture Mouldings

Using precision moulding technology, we manufacture MDF sections wrapped with papers, PVC’s and real wood veneers to create added value attractive features for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, domestic and contract furniture.

Advantages of Vinyl Wrapped Mouldings:

  • MDF can be quickly and creatively moulded into simple or intricate designs. Its consistent density, composition and stability resists warping and bowing making handling and use more simple.
  • An extensive selection of real wood veneers, papers and PVC foils can be used to wrap the mouldings giving virtually a limitless combination of colour, pattern, grain and texture to suit the design.
  • Minimise wastage compared to solid wood.
  • Environmentally friendly

All profiles and mouldings whether Architectural or Furniture mouldings are supplied in minimum runs per shape of 1000 linear metres. Colour changes are allowed within these runs at minimums of 150 linear metres per colour.

At BA Components we offer a complete manufacturing service of membrane pressed components, customer requirements in a wide range of Vinyl foils. BA Components are vinyl wrapped door suppliers, they supply:

  • Vinyl wrapped wardrobe doors
  • Vinyl wrapped MDF doors
  • Vinyl wrapped replacement door
  • Vinyl Kitchen Doors