BA bedroom furniture and bedroom designs by Zurfiz, Bella and Gildor have brimful colours and textures. Relaxing and inspiring. Everything from intense pools of glossy colour through to the most delicate shades of bedroom furniture that brighten and inspire even the darkest of days. Warm comforting bedroom ideas, earthly tones and textures, the special grains of natural woodland colours breathe life in your home.

Bedroom Designs

Bedroom designs


Our bedroom designers recognise this, because we listen. Choice, inspiration, colour with a variety of bedroom designs. We deliver bedroom furniture and bedroom designs that complement and create space; using colour textures to allow you to have the bedroom design you’ve always wanted. Contemporary life or Timeless Classics, we’ve got it covered.

As well as looking stunningly beautiful there are a host of other benefits to buying BA Bedroom furniture. With BA the journey is part of the experience. Through our Dealer Network we aim to make it as enjoyable and as hassle free as possible.

BA guide you in making your bedroom furniture choices. It’s full of wonderful bedroom ideas that are proven time and again with our customers and their homes.

Our bedroom furniture is themed either Contemporary Life or Timeless Classics. But you may have an open mind and have slightly different bedroom ideas. We have the tools to help you.

You can create your own mood board with a myriad of bedroom furniture designs and influences. Add in handles, accessories and other features and watch your perfect bedroom ideas take shape. You can even share with friends and get their feedback.

If you are a bit of a doubting Thomas, you can order sample wardrobe doors; from fitted wardrobes to trendy sliding wardrobe doors or built in wardrobes, we have it covered to cater for your preferred choice. See it, touch it before you decide.

Decided on the perfect bedroom designs for your home? What’s next?

Our bedroom furniture is sold through a network of trusted dealers. If you need to locate a dealer, enter your postcode here and we will find the closest one to you.

You can send them your mood board to take the relationship to the next level. From there the dealer can explain the process of finalising your bedroom ideas and make them a reality. It’s a proven recipe for success for beautiful bedroom designs.