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The grey hairs and ‘lived in’ face are testament to forty years in Sales and Marketing, four children, two grandsons and the wait for my now overdue third grandchild. Hopefully as you read this she (yes we know) will have arrived and be part of the family circle.

My father used to tell me about 'the school of hard knocks' and the 'university of life' and now in hindsight I know exactly what he meant.

We each are the sum of our experience, our environment and our expectations and looking back now on the changes I have seen, reminds me of the real excitement of change and challenge.

I remember life 'on the road' before mobiles. I experienced sales and marketing pre-internet, I remember ticker tape and computers that filled whole rooms.

That they tell us was the good old days but while they were in their time interesting, challenging and in many ways enjoyable, the advent of social media, Internet, SEO, CRM, tablets, smart phones and yes, blogging give us all an opportunity to develop strategy, plan effectively and communicate in the moment now that's exciting indeed.

My take on life and my look at business are likely to be slightly different to other bloggers on the site; I hope you find them interesting.

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When ‘Interzuming’, you’re never alone in Cologne.

When ‘Interzuming’, you’re never alone in Cologne

12 May 2015 in Blog&Gazzetta&News

‘Interzum, Cologne provides the furniture industry momentum for their innovations: The decision-makers, opinion leaders and multipliers in furniture production and interior design are excited about your new products, solutions and concepts.’ For many people three days in Cologne sounds like a fantastic City break, and I’ve no doubt it would be if you had time to enjoy […]

Neighbours Charlene and Scott

25 years in the making

03 Mar 2015 in Blog&News

BA Components are celebrating our twenty-fifth birthday this year and as with any milestone it’s interesting to look back and judge what progress has been made.

EuroCucina Milan 2014

EuroCucina Milan 2014

10 Apr 2014 in Blog&EuroCucina 2014&News

Today will be day 3 and my final day at EuroCucina in Milan. Attendance at the show appears to be very high and it is noticeably busier than on my last visit in 2012.