New Marketing Opportunities for KBB Retailers

In today’s economic climate it is important for retailers to try and stay ahead of the game when it comes to selling their product. With the average consumer now checking their phones roughly 150 times a day, it’s time to step back and look at exactly what we are doing to help those retailers get in front of the ‘average consumer’ in a digital era.

As a Digital Marketer for BA Components, I see only too well the benefits of embracing digital and how it can substantially grow a business. It is my job to get BA Components more dealers but it is also my job to promote our product to the end user so he/she can, in turn, boost the sales of our dealers/retailers. The digital era has engulfed us. It is everywhere we look in the form of social media, display advertising, websites, apps, mobile phones and tablets to name but a few. Some retailers may even argue that the digital evolution has hindered their business. I tend to disagree. There are many ways in which suppliers like BA Components can help their dealer network through these forms of digital marketing.


Reevaluate your website. Think of your website as your shop window. It’s the first thing people see when they search for your business online so you want it to be appealing but you also want it to be user-friendly. Businesses can get too hung up on the actual visual of the website and not the UX (User Experience). Creating a customer flow on your website will make your user experience more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than visiting a website on a mobile or tablet and having to constantly pinch the screen to see the text. You can also run A/B testing on your website. This is where you can serve your users two different versions of a page on your website to see which one performs better. This is crucial for improving your conversion rate which could be in the form of data capture or indeed a sale if you have an e-commerce website. If you are unsure about how to do to this you can speak to a digital marketing agency who can assist you on your journey to a bang up to date, easy to navigate, converting website.

Social Media

Internet users have an average of 5 social media accounts so there you have 5 different platforms to think about using to promote your product. Of course, it depends on your target market. If that looks like a female silver surfer (65plus) seeking a new kitchen then you might be very surprised as to where she is hanging out online. Facebook is now the most popular platform for the over 50’s and Pinterest has predominately a female user base. Don’t use every social media platform just for the sake of it. Think about who you are targeting and the messaging you are getting across before to set up your social media channels.


If you are embracing the World Wide Web for your business then seriously consider using video content to get your message out there. Social media channels have made it clear they prefer video content to static posts and images. They see video as rich content as it proves more engaging for users and it is easy to share. There are lots of apps out there for creating cheap and cheerful videos on your phone for your business such as Legend, Quik and Snapseed. Be sure to upload these videos to YouTube, as it is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google.  If you are not comfortable making your own short videos you can always outsource it to a video production company.

Retailer/Dealer Locator

If your supplier has a retailer/dealer locator on their website, enquire about how you can get registered on it. At BA Components we have a locator at the top of the website. We are currently running paid search adverts across Google to target the end user and encourage he/she to download a kitchen or bedroom brochure. Before he/she does this, we capture their email address, which we then use to email market to them a list of her nearest retailers/dealers. Thus sending hot leads directly to the retailer/dealer.

Images of Installations

Share your kitchen and bedroom installations with your supplier. In a world where social media is key in captivating the end user, he/she will find your installation here. Your supplier can use your imagery to promote their product on their website and they can backlink it to your site so everyone is a winner.

Google Advertising

An extremely powerful but complex tool to master. Any tactical Google Advertising should see a great return of leads to your business. If you are new to Google Advertising I suggest speaking to a digital marketing agency but before you do, conduct some keyword research. This is a practice that any business can do to find out what search terms people are using to search for various products that you offer. Get the keywords right (along with a good website design) and the traffic should begin to flow straight to your site from your Google Advertising efforts.

Traditional methods

As with all marketing efforts, there is always a place for traditional tactics. The above options teamed with traditional brochures, POS, sample packs and swatches will all assist in cranking up your marketing to the next gear.

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