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How to Create Space in Your Home at Christmas Time

If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to fit more people and general stuff into your home this festive season when space is already limited, you need to read our quick and easy guide on how to create space and add storage to your home at Christmas time.

With Christmas Day just around the corner, it’s time to get your home in tip-top condition and maximise your space. Here’s how…

Living Room

The hub of festive fun and games, your living room goes through a lot at Christmas. With an influx of people, festive feet running around on your carpet, the need for even more space and storage than before and of course the Christmas tree, the conclusion is clear: the living room needs some TLC.

Firstly, look at the space you’ve currently got. Are you using it to its full potential? If not, ask yourself how you can make small changes that will have a big impact. Making a window seat can automatically create up to 5 more extra seats! Check out these cool window seats from C&S Interiors in London.

Don’t hide all your stuff away upstairs when you bring the tree in; the tree should be the finishing touch to a perfectly set room.

Side tables are a great way to double up on storage and help create space at home – not to mention that they are a handy place to showcase Christmas ornaments and cards. Complete with doors to hide the unsightly items you don’t want your guests to see, and offering a place to display festive ornaments across the top, side tables are great storage options.

Next up are shelves: gone are the days of pinning a piece of string to your wall to show Christmas cards. Shelves are a sure-fire way to add a stylish piece of décor to your room and a good place to show off your festive ornaments. What’s more, they’re out of reach of pets and small children looking to pull down anything you put up.

If you’re looking to enhance your living room style with a bit more personality, you could add a bespoke bookcase, which is guaranteed to add a point of interest to your home as well as offering countless ways to store and display your stuff.

Window seat london


The heart of the home, and definitely a room that comes under a lot of pressure throughout the festive season. No matter how hard we seem to try, we cannot keep things clear from clutter during December.

Whilst it can be easy to treat this room as a bit of a dumping ground, the key to a clear kitchen is prep. Thoroughly clean the kitchen a few weeks before and then you’re only left with a few tasks to do as we get closer to Christmas.

The same goes for food prep; if you’re stuck on storage, prep some foods a few days out, so, come the 25th, you’ve only got the final touches to do. This goes a long way to ensuring your kitchen doesn’t look like a complete mess come Christmas.

If you’re really stuck for storage, why not bring in a little extra space just for the season? Kitchen trolleys and islands with wheels are great ways to bring in extra worktop space when needed.You can get some kitchen door inspiration now.


If you’re stuck with a standard 2×2 bathroom, you may struggle with extra guests in your home as you all queue for the bathroom in the morning. In these instances, we recommend making the process as smooth as possible. If you’ve got a handful of people that need to shower, get them in and out as quickly as possible.

Pre-empt that you’ll need certain products and to keep things like towels and toilet roll in easy reach, ensuring your guests have everything they need with handy under-basin vanity units, storage units and shelves – great ways to add storage that don’t take up too much space.


If you’ve got guests staying, you’ll need to ensure that your bedrooms are in keeping with the standard you’ve set in the rest of your home. It can be hard knowing what storage a guest will need when they stay.

The best thing you can do is make them feel at home, so have furniture that they can use to unpack properly, along with home comforts to help them feel as relaxed as possible and sleep off any eggnog-laden hangovers.

Add a wardrobe to the space so they can hang their clothes properly. Well-fitted wardrobes can transform a room, too, and with a choice of stand-alone, built-in or sliding wardrobe doors, you can really show off your interior style whilst offering a functional place to store clothes. How’s that for dual-functioning furniture? Explore our bedroom doors

Next up, think drawers. Whether you opt for a chest of drawers, smaller bedside tables or a full set of drawers, your guests will thank you for having a proper place to put their clothes. This then reduces clutter in your house while your guests are staying. If you’re stuck on space, go for taller, slimmer drawers or an ottoman – these can fit in just about anywhere.

Merry Christmas

If all else fails, grab some festive fairy lights and get cosy. After all, Christmas is about getting close to loved ones.☃️🎄

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