BA Components are [Fired] FIRAd Up!

FIRA Gold Product Certification - BA Components

FIRA Gold Product Certification – BA Components

BA Components are members of the Furniture Industry Research Association. FIRA was established over 60 years ago by the furniture industry for the industry. It’s the UK’s largest furniture association and is the only one which supports the entire furniture supply chain, by providing unique networking opportunities to share ideas, experiences and find solutions.

FIRA International exists to provide a range of independent expert services that are dedicated to the global furniture supply chain and furniture consumers, as well as safeguarding the industry through managing the Association’s membership activity.

The FIRA Gold Award is the ultimate mark of excellence in the furniture industry, certifying that a product meets all necessary standards. This way, when you see the FIRA Gold Product Certification, you can be assured that product has been properly tested and appraised, manufactured under an appropriate quality management system, and is consistently manufactured to the same high standard.

Anne McLaughlin, Business Improvement Manager explained, “Product testing has become part of the way we do things within our day-to-day business. We have systems in place to guarantee compliance to industry standards; anchoring how BA Components are serious about our commitment to value investment.”

On top of an annual commitment to FIRA product testing, BA Components also undertake their own in-house product testing. Kitchen doors are exposed to 60 degree heat over a period of three days; and if they show any signs of delamination, you can be assured that we’ll be back to the drawing board for ways to improve the manufacturing process. If we aren’t 100% happy with our products, they’re re-designed and re-tested until we are satisfied; and you can rest 100% assured that your kitchen is of the highest quality. We make a commitment to quality, because kitchens are BETTER by BA.

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