The Benefits of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Glidor Sliding Wardrobe doors

Glidor Sliding Wardrobe

Ease the September stresses with sliding wardrobe doors by Gildor at BA.

The manic school rush:

Tommy’s new books, pens and pencils are spilling from his backpack which ALREADY has a broken zip. As you finally get out the door and down the road you then experience the crazy sprint back to the house for the forgotten packed lunches in the fridge. And then the realisation that Sophie’s polo shirt is on back-to-front as you arrive at the school gate. Yeah, you know the story.

Alas, there is light to this nightmarish reality. When the kids come home and throw their things left, right and centre, they no longer will be left creating a (fun and challenging, but highly unsightly) obstacle course across their bedroom floor. Because… BA Components’ new sliding wardrobe doors range, Glidor, is now available to order from your local dealer. Installing one of our newly designed sliding wardrobes will allow you to remove one of the many hassles from your stresses. You will be

getting modern, efficient design that empowers mess free bedrooms. You have the choice of 2 or 3 door wardrobes in three style options – Urban, Ultra and Unique – and over 60 colours to pick from. A variety of internal storage options can be discussed with your local dealer to give you customised organization and stress-free storage. With a sky-high maximum height of2500mm, you can experience efficient roof-to-floor storage; providing spacious packing of all your kids’ essentials, easily hidden from sight with soft close door options.

But don’t think that you are refined to adopting Glidor solely for your bedroom. Many living rooms now accommodate ever-increasing CD, DVD, record collections and books. You can enhance your living space with a Glidor sliding wardrobe doors, perfect for packing away anything that would otherwise get left lying (NOT a good look when unexpected guests arrive). A Glidor wardrobe in your living room will also help to preserve your books or records, keeping them safe from air, dirt and light damage.

Contact your local dealer to view the full Glidor range.

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