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A real ‘Can Do’ in Kiev

Tower of the Cathedral of St. Sopha in Kiev, Ukraine

Don’t go to Kiev they said, not Ukraine they said, dangerous they said but we went and what a trip!

Yes it’s different, yes there are real living proof of the problems especially in the centre of the city around independence square of the struggle, riots and deaths of the protests from November to March, but there’s a vibrancy, a thirst for progress and genuine friendship everywhere you look.

The situation they face economically is that 16bn of their trade is with Russia while 18bn is with EU what do they do?

Now with a new president elected the confidence has returned and particularity in the kitchen and bedroom market change is in the air.

We have found a great Ukrainian partner company and are now working with them to provide a cost effective complete ‘starter’ kitchen for cheaper housing and new apartments helping to improve living conditions for all.

It’s been a quick visit this time but with a real ‘Can Do’ attitude we can realise the true market potential of this beautiful country.

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